Up, up and away…..Kanku Kaimono

5 03 2010

Remember when flying used to be a sophisticated and enjoyable activity, and airlines gave out cool bags and other knick-knacks to their passengers? At Kansai International Airport (KIX), I discovered a nostalgic memory of a shop called “Satellite 2.0”, in the terminal building.

Satellite 2.0 stocks retro Pan-Am bags, drink flasks, European notebooks, and being Japan, Kansai Airport omiyage (souvenirs).

“One World One Life One Trip

Let’s start a rewarding life

from Int’l Airport KIX”

You can find Satellite 2.0 on the 2nd floor opposite the Tsutaya book shop. It’s open daily from 8:00-20:00.

Shopping at Kansai Airport, (Kanku Kaimono), for last minute souvenirs is certainly getting easier, and more interesting. Uniqlo, Sony Plaza and Muji now have branches there on the half floor below International Departures. Muji is definitely worth checking out because they stock trendy items like meishi holders and hand mirrors made with used kimono fabric, as well as the very cool wooden “City in a Bag” sets, which are difficult to find elsewhere. Kanku Muji stocks the Kyoto City in A Bag. Worth grabbing while you can!




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