Historical Cosplay in Himeji

26 01 2010

Last time I was in Himeji for the Rough Guide I donned 12 kimonos for the first time, and for free, at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of History. The 12 layered silk junihitoe (十二単衣) was worn by court ladies in the Heian period (10th century). It’s no wonder that all they could do was sit around writing poetry, including the world’s first novel, because 12 kimonos weigh almost 20 kilograms!

This time in Himeji, however, I headed straight for the castle. The main keep is due to be wrapped up very soon for 5 years of major renovation work.

In order to lessen the disappointment of visitors who will not get to see this fine view (above) until 2016, or later, local volunteers are providing fun photo opportunities around the castle at weekends. So, yet again, I come away from Himeji with some happy snaps of historical ‘costume playing’  – this time with ninja and samurai.